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What is salt nicotine?

What is salt nicotine?

What is salt nicotine? It's a common question.  but it's not what you think    When it comes to vaping, understanding...
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Vaping E-liquid Price Breakdown

Vaping E-liquid Price Breakdown

Canada's Government forces new prices. You may have noticed our prices raised recently,   none of that money comes to us.  A...
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Canada Vaping Legislation 2021

Canada Vaping Legislation 2021

Canada Vaping Legislation in 2021 is receiving some big new changes. We break down what you need to know about Canadian...
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Vapor North is the Best Vape Shop Online in Canada

Vapor North is a vape shop online in Canada, providing the best selection, pricing, and service on vaping essentials for new and experienced vapers alike.

Find the top brands at the lowest prices and you can create your own vaping system, whether you want to buy a pod system or a mod style, tanks, coils, e-liquid, and everything in between.

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Why Vapor North Is The Best Vape Shop Online In Canada

Vapor north is the only vape shop online in Canada where vapers send their friends time and time again, and for good reason.

We are actually vapers ourselves, and experts at that. We have years and years of experience among our staff, and we can help beginners find products to meet their goals.

This can be a complicated, daunting shopping experience if you are unfamiliar with the terminology, and we are here to eliminate any of that shopping anxiety. Here is some basic information on the products we sell. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll be able to piece together your own vape mod or find the right pod system for you. You’ll also discover which e-liquid is right for you!

E-Cigarettes: Starter Kits, Mods, & Pod Systems

Obviously, we wouldn’t be an online vape shop if we didn’t sell e-cigs & vapes themselves! You’ll find the best selection of starter kits, mods, and pod systems here at Vapor North.

If you are a first time vaper, the most important thing to figure out is which vaping device is right for you.

If you are first starting out, you are probably best off with either a starter kit or a pod system. We’ll discuss building your own vape with custom mods, coils, and tanks later on. Let’s first discuss the differences between a pod system and vape starter kits.

Starter Kits vs Pod Systems?

If you are a beginner, we recommend choosing one of these two vape systems. A vape starter kit consists of a mod (the battery), a tank, and coils. Typically, our starter kits consist of everything you need to start vaping except the e-juice.

A pod system, on the other hand, is really just two components: the battery, and a replaceable pod which comes pre-filled with e-juice. As you can imagine, there are pros and cons to each of these device styles.

If you’re looking to remain more discreet when vaping, keeping your device pretty simplistic with minimum maintenance, you should opt for a pod system. Pod systems also tend to have automatic draws, and consume less e-liquid per pull. And at the end of the day, these also cost far less.

If you want bigger clouds and more options when it comes to e-juice, voltage, Ohm’s, etc, you should invest in a vape starter kit. A great thing about this style of device is you can upgrade off your existing system, finding a better mod, coils, or tank.

This allows you to mix and match components as you gain more knowledge and experience, building a vape more tailored to your needs. Plus, starter kits have a way longer battery life. They also cost less to operate in the long run, as buying bottles of e-liquid is cheaper than replacement pods.

Build Your Own Vape With A Mod, Coils, & Tank

If you are more experienced and looking to upgrade your vape with a custom mod, tank, or coils, we carry those too!

You can mix and match these components to build the vape that best suits your needs in terms of resistance, draw, vapor production, etc.

Whether you vape with a starter kit or build your own system, you’ll eventually need to replace your coils nonetheless.

Buy Vape E-Liquid Online In Canada

Regardless of how you vape, you’ll need to grab some e-liquid at some point! We carry the best cheap vape juice online in canada, with so many different flavors, sizes, and concentrations.

Here are the different categories of vape juice you’ll find here at Vapor North:

  • Fruity flavors
  • Dessert flavors
  • Candy flavors
  • Tobacco Flavors
  • Coffee Flavors
  • Signature Flavors

Basically any vape juice flavor you can imagine, you will find here at Vapor North. For those who don’t like the typical taste of vape juice, we even offer a flavorless vape option!

Choosing The Right Vape Juice

If you are a new vaper, you might have a hard time choosing the right vape juice because we offer not just so many flavors, but so many options in terms of concentration and mixture.

What Nicotine Strength Is Right For You?

From a nicotine perspective, consider what your vaping goals are when selecting a concentration. We offer nicotine ranging from 0mg (best for those who don’t smoke at all, as you won’t get addicted to nicotine) all the way up to 18mg (very strong).

If you are trying to quit smoking by vaping, we recommend doing some research into the right nicotine concentration for how quickly you go through a pack. Then, you can start slowly lowering your nicotine concentration to lower your dependence!

Which Blend Is Better: PG vs VG

The next thing you need to consider is what juice blend you want to vape - vg vs pg. We have three options on every one of our vape juices:

  • 50% VG
  • 70% VG
  • Max VG

The differences in vg/pg blend will affect the taste, cloud production, and throat hit. The higher VG content you go with, the better your juice will taste with less harsh of a throat hit. You’ll also get bigger clouds - which is something most vapers seek.

But if you want to be more discreet with your vaping and you don’t mind the throat hit, you might want a 50/50 blend, as PG produces smaller clouds in public.

No matter which nicotine strength and juice blend you land on, we have it in sizes ranging from small 15mL bottles all the way up to large, bulk 120mL bottles that will last you a while.

We also have the best prices online, and can get your juice shipped out to you quickly and you are sure to love it! Trust the gold standard vape shop online in Canada, and get all your vaping essentials at Vapor North.

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