E-liquid with no sweetener

Vapor North has a No Sweetener promise on all of our e-liquid. The idea of using a Sweetener in e-liquid might be new to you, but it's been a plague on the industry for as long as it's been around. Whether you know it or not, the chances that you've vaped an e-liquid that uses sweetener are very high. Now it's time to save your taste buds, your coils, and your wallet with Vapor North's Sweetener Free E-liquid.

Why should you avoid e-liquid with sweeteners?

Since day one of our business, we decided to never use sweetener in our e-liquid. Most companies will use sweetener to provide a quick blast of flavour on your first vape to make a sale. But this quickly leads to other problems;

  • Coil gunk and burnt coils

The biggest issue with using e-liquid sweetener is the sweetener causes a build up of gunk on your coils. How many times have you put in a brand new e-cigarette coil only to have it burn out only a few days later, much sooner than usual? It's possible you had a bad coil, but the culprit is almost always an e-liquid with sweetener. This sweetener gunk builds up on your coil causing the heat to unevenly distribute and burn the coil, and you do not want to be vaping on a burnt coil.

  • Vapers Tongue

E-liquid with sweeteners are an enjoyable rush when you take your first inhale, but it quickly becomes an overwhelming flavour that will cause your taste buds to experience something called Vapers Tongue. Vapers Tongue is when your taste buds experience too much of a flavour all at once and become numb to taste.

  • The studies are still ongoing

While there are many studies out there purporting the benefits of vaping, there are very few studies on using sweeteners in e-liquid. Many companies will use sweeteners like Sucralose, which traditionally is only meant to be used in food. For a minimal benefit of flavour, it might not be worth the risk.


Save money and enjoy your Vapor North e-liquid!

When you vape Vapor North e-liquid, you can be sure that your e-liquid will not have any sweetener. This means that all of our e-liquid has been designed to be an All Day Vape that your taste buds won't get sick of, and your coils will stay clean and gunk free so you can save money and buy fewer coils.

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