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Shopped with us before? Looking to start? Simply by signing up for a Vapor North account you earn 100 reward points you can use to save $5 off your purchase! Simply follow these easy steps, first lets create or log into your account.

Vapor North Rewards Program Create

Vapor North Create Account Computer

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Now that you've logged into your account, find the REWARDS icon and open it to see how to earn more points

Vapor North Open Rewards Program

Vapor North Rewards View

Earn some more easy points and save up to $10 right away

Now that you have your account and points opened up, click on 'Ways to earn' to get some click points. Follow the links to Like us on Facebook and Twitter for an easy 100 points.

Vapor North How to Earn Reward Points

After you've got your points, open up 'Ways to Redeem'

We got your points and now you can choose how to redeem them. Simply click on the Redeem button beside your chosen reward, and the program will give you a coupon code you can use on your purchase. This code will also be e-mailed to you or you can check it again if you don't use it right away.

Vapor North How to Redeem Points

Now you're earning rewards!

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