Coffee Clouds Caramel Macchiato
A sweet divergence from most of the strong coffee flavored drinks, this Caramel Macchiato e-liquid is comfort food turned vape. A rich vanilla base with a shot of espresso, mixed with steamed milk and finally drizzled with a thick helping of...
from $22.99 CAD
Coffee Clouds Cafe Crisp
A familiar Canadian treat without any of the guilt. This coffee e-liquid is the perfect way to brighten up your day with a rich chocolate flavour and smooth coffee finish.
from $22.99 CAD
Coffee Clouds Jitters
This is the coffee e-liquid you've been looking for, we're glad you finally found us. The flavor that started it all, our Jitters Coffee E-liquid is quick way to wake up your taste buds. A rich coffee flavor that lingers on...
from $22.99 CAD
Coffee Clouds French Vanilla
Without the bitters of a traditional coffee, this French Vanilla E-liquid blends the best of coffee and dessert into one. A deep vanilla blooms into a perfect roast, the sweet essence complimenting the smooth coffee undertones. This coffee e-liquid is...
from $22.99 CAD
Coffee Clouds coffee e-liquid is designed to provide the best coffee experience without any of the gunk of other coffee e-juice. Coffee Clouds coffee e-liquid is a line of light coloured coffee e-liquids that provide rich coffee flavour without having to sacrifice the life of your coils.
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