PVC 18650 Battery Wrap
A selection of PVC 18650 Battery Wraps, sold individually, in the case where your battery wrap has been damaged and you want to patch it up with a fresh coat.  Why would I want one of these? Is your current battery...
$0.79 CAD
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18650 Battery Case
A protective case for carrying up to two 18650 batteries. This is highly recommended to help keep you safe when carrying extra batteries, or when storing batteries to ensure they do not come in contact with other dangerous materials.
$2.99 CAD
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18650 Battery Terminal Protector
18650 terminal protectors, sold individually, in the case where your battery protectors have been damaged and need to be replaced. When applying a terminal protector, simply place it first over the positive terminal and then apply the shrink wrap to hold...
$0.99 CAD
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Efest 20700/21700 Battery Case
The Efest 20700/21700 battery cover is a great three-piece carrying case to safely store and transport your batteries. Each battery has it's own storage section and can be removed individually.    
$3.99 CAD
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Portable Nitecore UI2
$19.99 CAD
Portable Nitecore UI2
The Nitecore UI2 Single USB Charger is both compact and affordable, plug this dual-bay charger into any USB port, whether it's your desktop PC, your work laptop or an in-car USB port for quick and easy charging. Compatible with 26650,...
$19.99 CAD
Nitecore Ci4 Battery Charger - Four Bay
The Nitecore Ci4 is a high-quality charger equipped with four slots, suitable for charging Li-ion, Ni-MH, and Ni-Cd batteries. It features a specialized IMR battery charging protocol that carefully oversees the charging cycle, ensuring that the voltage cutoff remains within...
$49.99 CAD
Nitecore Ci2 Battery Charger - Two Bay
The Nitecore Ci2 Intelligent USB-C charger supports IMR/Li-ion and Ni-MH/Ni-Cd battery types and comes equipped with dual charging bays. These bays operate independently, enabling simultaneous charging of different battery types, thereby reducing the number of batteries waiting to be charged....
$34.99 CAD
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