Rebuildable Drip Atomizers are only for the most advanced electronic cigarette users. They require extensive knowledge of e cigs and circuits, as well as the need to constantly carry e liquid to refill the device after only a few puffs. However, with the extra effort comes the most personalized experience possible, so you know you are getting the exact hit you are looking for every single time. Like RBAs, rebuildable drip atomizers are used with mechanical mods and connect them to the drip tip. The rebuildable drip atomizer, though, does not have the tank to store extra e juice. Instead, the user drips their preferred flavour of e cig juice onto the coils after only a couple of inhales. RDAs are very efficient and minimize waste because instead of replacing the entire clearomizer, you only need to rebuild the wick and coil!

Because it can be dangerous to build your own atomizer, RDAs should only be used by advanced e cigarette users. Your safety is extremely important, so be sure to thoroughly research proper power ratings before building your atomizer. If you have any questions, contact us to learn more about rebuildable drip atomizers! Vapor North only sells electronic cigarette products that we’ve either used ourselves in the past or are currently using now, so you will always be certain that you are purchasing top of the line smokeless cigarette products that we know you’ll love. Shop our wide selection of RDAs below; and when you order more than $100.00 in e cig products, we will ship them to you for FREE!

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