Best Vapes and E-Cigarettes - September 2020

The Best Vapes and E-Cigarettes of September 2020

Mark Manradge
Technical Specialist and Co-Owner of Vapor North

We get a lot of different products here at Vapor North, admittedly we don't bring in every device that saturates the market but I do try my very best to make sure that what we do bring in and sell, whether it's our e-liquid flavours, the e-cigarettes, atomizers or even the coils we choose to offer; at the very least, are chosen with our customers interests at heart.

So at the very least, I can say that I can stand by all of our products in a general sense. But I'd love to point out some of our newer hardware that stands out from the crowd in one way or another. The title says 'Best Vapes' but let's be real, the best vape is any single vape that helps you switch from cigarettes, so consider this list of products that not only meet our standards but we think are worth taking a closer look at.

 It means one of the fastest firing times on the market for starters, the feedback of using the Argus GT like the Drag before it is surprisingly noticeable.

Best E-cigarette Kit September 2020



The Argus GT Starter Kit by Voopoo is now available in Canada! The Argus GT has all the bells and whistles of a premier box mod. Fill the tank with your favourite E-Liquid, and the Argus GT boasts 160 wattage to meet any need. Strap on a MTL cigarette-style tank like the Nautilus GT, or a beast of a tank like the TFV12 Prince to produce enough vapor to fix our O-Zone layer. To speak nothing of the dual 18650 battery life that'll last Rita Repulsa on the moon until she's finally free!

So what is it about the Argus GT that sets it apart from it's peers? Building on the success of it's wildly successful predecessor, the Voopoo Drag, the Argus GT utilizes a newly updated proprietary GENE.TT chipset. What does this mean for you as a vaper? It means one of the fastest firing times on the market.

The feedback of using the Voopoo Argus GT is immediately noticeable. It's incredibly responsive, the coil gets to temperature quickly and the quality of vapor is improved as a result.

The other interesting thing, that pertains to the kit form of the Argus GT is Voopoo's new PnP Pod-Tank system. Taking the design of their previously established pod-devices, they've created a new 510 Pod Adapter allowing for the convenience of pod-style flavour switching on the fly!


You can pop a full tank of Red Wedding off, and pop on a tank of Polar Bear for a little after-dinner chocolate mint treat, all in less time than it takes to type this sentence. No accidental flavour mixing, no mess, no fuss.

$ 64.99CAD

Voopoo Argus GT - Full Kit

The best e-cigarette kit of September 2020, the Voopoo Argus GT full kit comes with the Voopoo Argus GT Mod, as well as the Voopoo Argus GT Tank.

$ 13.99CAD

Voopoo PnP Tank

The easy to use and hot swappable Voopoo PnP tank lets you easily fill your tank with your favourite Vapor North E-liquid and quickly swap between tanks.

Voopoo Argus GT Gene.TT Chipset

The GENE TT Chipset allows for an incredible fire time

Voopoo Argus GT Colours available in Canada

The Voopoo Argus GT has many attractive colours

The Nord X is without a doubt a standard setting pod-system vape.

Best Pod E-cigarette September 2020



The Smok Nord X now available in Canada. The Nord X is without a doubt a standard setting pod-system vape, much like the Uwell Caliburn or the Aspire Breeze NXT. You can switch flavours on the fly easily due to their massive 6mL pods, a significant increase over the 4.5ml Pods of the Smok Nord 2. Additionally, the Nord X is rated much higher in durability, with IP67 rating the Nord X stands proudly among other dust-proof, water-proof, and shock-resistant devices, like the Aegis Max, and the Apollo by Geekvape.

So aside from having a larger e-liquid capacity than most, what sets the Nord X apart? For starters unlike most pod systems the Nord X can have it's wattage adjusted between 5-60W, meaning you can fine tune your performance to your own personal preference.
The Nord X has an impressive 1500mAh battery; uncommon in a device so discreet and portable. As an added bonus to this large battery the Nord X utilizes the newer USB-C charging cable. The Nord X charges fast; a fraction of an hour fast.

Without a doubt I believe the Nord X is a contender for the best sort of vape to start out with, to say nothing of how valuable a Nord X is as a back-up device. It's simple, elegant and discreet, but still outperforms most pod-based systems on the market, and can take a beating and get back up to boot!
Smok Nord X Beauty Shot

$ 49.99CAD

Smok Nord X Pod System

The best pod e-cigarette of September 2020, the Smok Nord X comes with two RPM Pods and Coils.

$ 13.99CAD

Smok Nord X Replacement Coils

Replacement coils for the Smok Nord X, perfect for use for either 0.6Ω Mouth-to-lung or 0.16Ω Mesh Sub-ohm vaping.

Smok Nord X Components

An easy to assemble and use Smok Nord X

Smok Nord X USB C Charging

The Smok Nord X uses quick USB-C Charging

You guys can find both the Argus GT kit by Voopoo here, or the Nord X by Smok here. Remember to check us out regularly for flash sales on E-Liquid, E-Cigarettes and more! Vapor North is located here in Pickering, Ontario and we are available for in-store consultations and troubleshooting as well as, of course offering our full selection of products and services.

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