Time for something new!

Canada E-liquid Vapor North Monkey breath


If you've enjoyed Monkey Paw, we have a treat for you!

     When we started Vapor North we gained recognition in the Canada e-liquid scene with two stand-out e-liquids: Ice Berry and Monkey Paw. Over the years we've grown alongside this community, creating better and more complex recipes from your feedback to meet the Canada e-liquid market. While Ice Berry has remained a staple needing minimal tweaking, Monkey Paw always felt like it could be something better.

     With access to better ingredients we took the time to refine the Monkey Paw e-liquid into what has become an entirely new e-liquid, Monkey Breath. Monkey Breath is a long overdue revisiting of a popular original e-liquid to meet the current standard we've seen with recent Canada e-liquid flavours.

   The Monkey Paw e-liquid will still be available until the end of September 2017. At the start of October the flavour will be officially retired. So we urge you to try Monkey Breath e-liquid and see how it compares.

     We are confident you are going to love Monkey Breath! A warm Banana Muffin topped with a cookie crumble! Subtle hints of drizzled caramel and crushed hazelnut play background to the familiar taste of homemade banana bread. With a flavour that meets at the perfect point between sweet and savoury, Monkey Breath is sure to please those looking to get away from candied bananas, designed to be more reminiscent of a hot tray of freshly baked goods.

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