Happy April 1st! Jokes and some serious too


Happy April 1st!


Thank you for checking out our April Fool's joke! Should you choose to order here's a little information on the flavours actual experiences:

Flavour #1: A rich Banana Cream with warm notes and a smooth exhale.

Flavour #2: A bright Raspberry Limeade with a sweet burst of flavour and citrus exhale.



Bill S-5


While we have your attention, as much fun as it is as a little joke, it's important we take a moment to discuss Bill S-5. This bill will change forever the vaping industry and your ability to find and help others find things they need.

  • Bill S-5 would make it illegal to tell customers that vaping is less harmful than combustible cigarettes. It makes it illegal to share peer reviewed science with customers.
  • Bill S-5 would severely diminish access to low-risk, smoke-free products that are being used to reduce the harm from smoking. 
  • Bill S-5 would ban most of the popular flavours that are helping people stay smoke-free.
  • Bill S-5 will likely eliminate many or most of the products you currently use and bring in regulations that are extremely burdensome for small businesses. It will likely result in American tobacco companies moving in and taking over the entire market while independent Canadian businesses will be forced to close.

How can you help?

Take a moment to contact your MP. Give them a phone call, set up a meeting, anything you can do OTHER THAN E-MAIL. Explain to them that you support reasonable regulations for products. Things like minimum age for purchase, child-resistant packaging, informative labelling, product standards, etc, are important to the industry, and that the industry has voluntarily adopted standards on its own in the absence of federal regulation.

Don’t list off all the ways you want to be regulated, but it is important that they don’t think you oppose any rules for the industry at all. Emphasis should be placed on 'REASONABLE regulation.' Be courteous and understand that your MP likely doesn't understand the difference between vaping and smoking.


*Special thanks to Amelia Howard for creating a powerpoint on how to contact your MP and a quick breakdown of S-5.

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