Canada Vaping Legislation 2021

Canada's upcoming restrictions on vaping.

Mark Manradge
Technical Specialist and Co-Owner of Vapor North

    Health Canada has proposed new regulations that seek to clamp down more rigorously on the ways we use our e-cigarettes. Specifically on refillable devices. The advertising and promotion of vaping products is already heavily restricted as Canada seeks to curb the uptick in youth vaping.

    I'd like to briefly outline the upcoming changes effective in Ontario January 2021, which Health Canada says 'are a stated effort to mitigate the impact of vaping product promotion on young persons and non-users of nicotine containing products.'

 It means one of the fastest firing times on the market for starters, the feedback of using the Argus GT like the Drag before it is surprisingly noticeable.


• Prohibits the promotion of a vaping product, or related brand element appealing to young persons. 

• Banning of the promotion of vaping products in convenience stores and gas stations   

 • Health Warning Labelling Requirements Restrictions on the sale of flavoured vaping products

    Some of you have no doubt noticed in the recent year we've changed the labelling of our bottles. We've removed our branded artwork and updated the bottles to meet the guidelines by Health Canada to not risk being appealing to young persons.

    The names of certain dessert, beverage and candy flavours have needed to be changed for added ambiguity. The current guidelines also prohibit promoting the idea that vaping can be used as a tobacco cessation device.

     In the same line of thought, we also cannot draw comparisons regarding any perceived health benefits, the most we can do is suggest vaping as an alternative to smoking. Retail vape stores must also have their windows blocked out to obscure vision into their store, to prevent young persons from viewing products.

     Understandably, most of the Canadian legislature revolving around advertising (and The Tobacco and Vaping Products Act as a whole) is penned with the aim of reducing the chances that underage persons would perceive vaping as a positive or appealing activity. Specialty vape stores are exempt from the restricted advertising laws within their own stores, whereas convenience stores and the like are prohibited from advertising vaping products in any way. Thankfully with the exception of our signature line, and dessert flavours needing to be amended, we at Vapor North and majority of the vape industry have kept the standard of keeping

VPLPR sets out to protect the health of young children by reducing the risk that they will ingest vaping substances containing toxic concentrations of nicotine.


 •  A refillable vaping device must maintain the characteristics that make it child-resistant throughout its useful life

     The biggest change to keep in mind this coming year is that all refillable components of e-cigarettes will now need to be child proof. This includes all cig-a-likes and e-cigarette tanks that you twist open to fill. They will need to be redesigned to meet the new standards of the VPLPR.

    Some devices such as the Innokin Zlide already meet these requirements, requiring you to remove the drip tip before you can open the top of the tank.

    As the year goes on we are sure to see more and more devices being updated and re-designed to meet these new standards.

Will I still be able to get coils for my device?

Yes! Do not worry. Though some devices are being phased out, we will continue to carry coils for these devices and carry their updated e-cigarettes as soon as they become available.

Can I keep using my older e-cigarette?

Yes for sure, if you have purchased an e-cigarette before the legislation takes effect, you will be able to use your e-cigarette without worry.

Do I need to buy closed pod systems?

No, you will still be able to use refillable devices, only the tanks will need to be CRC compliant.

Will e-liquid bottles be changing?

No, our e-liquid bottles already meet all the standards set out to be CRC compliant. Your e-liquid orders will not be affected.

What devices will be affected? Can I still buy them?

  •     While we do not have an entire list of all the devices that will be affected, it's a safe bet that any device with a simple twist off cap will require updates. You can keep buying them for the time being until legislation takes effect after the grace period at the start of 2021.
  •     Some examples of popular devices you may want to purchase a back up are;
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