Best Vapes and E-Cigarettes - November 2020

The Best Vapes and E-Cigarettes of November 2020

Mark Manradge
Technical Specialist and Co-Owner of Vapor North

Winter is coming! The leaves have changed colours and they're falling gracefully into the upcoming Holiday season. With everything cooling down considerably, let's get you inside and out of the cold this year with some alternatives to cigarettes, following in my recent vein of spotlighting MTL devices alongside the introduction of our Nicotine Salt options

...Phil Busardo and Dimitris Agrafiotis to commission this hardy stainless steel and glass tank, aiming to create what they believed would be the ‘optimal’ MTL experience

Best E-cigarette Kit November 2020

Innokin Coolfire z50


The Coolfire Z50 is the latest in the iconic Coolfire line of devices by Innokin. Which as a whole I’ve found over the years has definitely earned its reputation of reliability and convenience. Designed to be simple to use, slim enough to slip into your pocket yet still provide much more battery life than other MTL alternatives like pod-devices the Coolfire Z50 is perfect for anyone who is new to vaping as an alternative source of nicotine. Offering both variable wattage, as well as variable voltage configuration, you can pinpoint the performance to your preference, and with internal batteries there’s no fuss charging the device. Simply plug it in!

Paired with the Z50 is the Innokin Zlide MTL (mouth-to-lung) tank. Innokin teamed up with Phil Busardo and Dimitris Agrafiotis to commission this hardy stainless steel and glass tank, aiming to create what they believed would be the ‘optimal’ MTL experience: vapour production similar to a cigarette but with a robust flavour and wicking. With adjustable airflow settings, you can easily tighten or loosen the restriction of airflow. 
The Zlide has a handy child-proof re-fill and locking feature as a cherry on top, when the mouthpiece is removed the tank slides open allowing you to re-fill it without having to unscrew or fiddle with it excessively!


Innokin Coolfire Z50 Kit

The best starter e-cigarette kit of November 2020, the Innokin Coolfire Z50 full kit comes with the 2100mAh Innokin Z50 Mod, as well as the Innokin Zlide Tank

$ 12.99CAD

  Innokin Zenith Replacement Coils

The Innokin Zlide tank holds a respectable 2mL of E-Liquid and is meant to be discarded and replaced once the coil is spent. For $5 a tank, might as well pick up a couple!

Voopoo Argus GT Gene.TT Chipset

The Zlide features a child-proof lock design, that doubles as the mechanism for filling the tank. Simply remove the mouthpiece, slide the top open and fill 'er up!

Voopoo Argus GT Colours available in Canada
Zenith Coils come in a pack of five, I recommend the 0.8Ω coils for low wattage Mouth-to-Lung vaping

The Caliburn G without a doubt carries the standard of re-fillable pod vapes.

Best Pod E-cigarette November 2020

Uwell Caliburn G


Considered the Juul of refillable pod vapes the Caliburn has been rocksteady in holding its position at the height of popularity; and as if to pass the torch to it's successor, enter the Caliburn G.
Visually, the Caliburn G retains the sleek and fashionable aesthetic for the most part, only being a couple millimeters thicker. The Caliburn G's ridges also help to foster a comfortable tactile feel when it's in hand, the same can be said from the satisfying click of the bronze accented firing button.  

Another major difference with the Caliburn G, is that you can now replace the coils, instead of having to replace entire pods. This means your pods can be re-used to your hearts content, letting you have many flavours available on the fly. 

In my experience the Caliburn G does outperform the original Caliburn, enough so that you may find yourself lowering your Nicotine strength a step. This is a welcome change in my books, as I personally find the robust performance for it's size to be optimal.

As an added option of convenience, the Caliburn G can be manually fired by pressing the button while you inhale, or alternatively by simply inhaling. The Caliburn G without a doubt carries the standard of re-fillable pod vapes.

Smok Nord X Beauty Shot

$ 14.99CAD

Caliburn G Replacement Coils

The best pod e-cigarette of November 2020, the Caliburn G comes with two Caliburn G 0.8Ω Mesh Coils. It's always a good idea to have an extra pack on hand!

$ 5.99CAD

Caliburn G Replacement Pods

Replacement Pods for the Caliburn G! Having a couple extra provides the convenience of not having to refill your pods often, as well as having the freedom of swapping between different flavours on the fly!

Smok Nord X Components

Caliburn G Mesh coils outperform yesteryears Caliburn. If using a high nicotine salt, it may be wise to lower your nicotine to accommodate the boost in performance

Smok Nord X USB C Charging

Easy to re-fill, and swap on the go. Caliburn G pods holds 2mL of E-Liquid. The Caliburn G's airflow can be adjusted depending on which way the pod is inserted

Same as our last blog highlighting MTL devices, I'd like to point out that both the Caliburn G and the Innokin Z50 Kit are great devices to be paired with Nic Salt E-Liquid and are definitely geared to perform well for those switching from cigarettes at a higher nicotine strength. 

 The Caliburn G is geared towards those that really want to simulate the feel of a cigarette but at the cost of battery life. Whereas the Innokin Z50 provides more battery life and e-liquid capacity but does also simulate the vapour experience of a cigarette. 

If I were suggesting a starting point into MTL devices, I'd suggest the Z50. But as a backup, the Caliburn G just can't be beat!

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