Where can I find cheap Canadian e-liquid?

Everyone knows trying to find that one e-juice flavour that gets you through the day isn't easy. The search for an All Day Vape never ends. As soon as you find one e-liquid, you'll only start wanting another one soon after. What's the best way you can save money and still find your affordable e-liquid?

When we started Vapor North we wanted to make high quality Canadian e-liquid that was missing from the market. But we wanted to make sure it was affordable for everyone, nothing is worse than finding a good e-liquid in Canada and having it be out of your budget.

So to combat the two main issues of finding a flavour, both sampling and pricing, we decided to introduce cheap Canadian made affordable Bundle Pricing for e-liquid. You can choose from multiple bundle sizing to find your flavour, whether you want to try five different e-liquids or you know what you're looking for and want to snag 200ml of e-liquid for only $59.99.

We offer a wide selection of our own Signature E-liquid where you can find our most popular complex flavours to satisfy your cravings. Or you can choose from our Traditional Flavours to stick with someone familiar if you're not in an adventurous mood.

Any and all of our flavours are valid in our bundle packs, so go wild and find your all day vape with Vapor North's cheap Canadian made e-liquid!

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