Candy Flavours: The Sweeter Side E Cig Juices

Do you wear the same clothes every single day? Would you eat the same thing for dinner every single night? Then why should you only stick to one flavour of e cigarette juice? Avoid “vaper’s tongue” by branching out from your regular flavours and try something a little sweeter from Vapor North’s collection of candy flavoured e juice. We make all of our own e cig juice at Vapor North, which means the flavouring in our e liquid is created using Kosher grade supplements that are always domestic and never shipped in from overseas.

Because everyone has their own favorite choice of sweets, our online store covers all types of candy from black licorice to Swedish fish-- even milk chocolate and caramel. However, one of the largest varieties of candy flavourings we offer is our selection of mints. From peppermint to wintergreen, Vapor North offers e cigarette liquids that are often just as refreshing as they are sweet, so whether you are searching for a new flavour to spice up your evening e cigarette session or looking for a sweeter everyday e liquid, we’re sure to have e cig juice your love in our online store. Additionally, you can shop with confidence at Vapor North. Our on site kitchen follows the food industry’s strict quality control standards, so we are mixing up our candy flavoured e juice in a clean, commercial grade kitchen.

We don’t make any products we wouldn’t use ourselves, so we know you’ll agree that Vapor North is a first rate option when it comes to sweetening your electronic cigarette experience. With such a wide selection of e cig liquids inspired by classic candies, there’s bound to be a candy flavour for you in our store. Pick up a couple bottles of Vapor North e juice today, and start enjoying the sweeter side of e cig juices.
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