There’s a sweet decadence to the flavors of e-cig liquid, and Vapor North knows how to provide a wide variety to cater to many palettes. E-Cigarettes are a chance to enjoy the feeling of smoking, with tastes and style options that go beyond the bounds of tradition.

If you’re looking for the best in e-liquid flavors and variety, look no further. We supply kosher grade, domestic flavor extracts in all of our e-liquids, which means that the flavors and experiences that we offer you were created under our own food industry safety standards, and no one else’s. When it comes to the preparation process, we treat our e-juice preparation like a fine dining experience—which means that everything is properly sanitized and carefully handled, and no quality is sacrificed. There’s no need to ship questionable products from overseas when we can supply quality, Canada-made e-cigarette juice of the highest quality to our customers.

For premium e-cig liquid, check out our exceptional variety stocked at the lowest prices. For anyone just getting started, when you spend $100.00 or more in e-cigarette products, we will ship the inventory to you for free! Don’t wait—take this opportunity to start your e-cig journey and save today!

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