When temperature control mods were first introduced to the market, they were too expensive for the majority of e cig users. However, because of their many advantages, more and more temperature control products are becoming available at lower prices. The biggest benefit of temperature control mods are that they prevent dry hits and burning the wick, which means temperature control mods give users a safer and better-tasting inhale every time. Also, temperature control prevents the e cig from being too hot, and this greater control over temperature allows every user to find a preferred style of inhaling that matches their comfort level. Temperature control mods actually work by noting the changes of resistance in a coil, and when a specific resistance is determined, the electronic cigarette device will adjust, restrict, or cut off the power to the coil. At Vapor North, we only sell products in our store that we would use ourselves, so you can shop temperature control e cig kits with confidence. Browse our selection of temperature control mods below; and when you order more than $100.00 in electronic cigarette products, we will ship them to you for FREE! If you’re looking for a better e cig experience, we’re certain you’ll love the Vapor North online electronic cigarette store.

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