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     Whether you're looking for an e-cigarette sale, a back up e-cigarette, or perhaps a gift to get a friend into vaping, we periodically offer great deals on clearance items. Don't make the mistake of assuming that these are unpopular or sub-par devices, we are very proud of the e-cigarette selection we bring to the Canada e-cigarette market. We stand behind all our options and highly recommend everything we sell.

     When an e-cigarette or atomizer makes it to our clearance section, it's not because the device is not a good buy. We constantly rotate our inventory to make sure we have new and exciting items for people looking to expand their collection. So any e-cigarette you may find in our Clearance Sale! is still a great choice and we highly recommend it.

    Any device you find here will still be supported by us for a long time. Even if we don't sell the e-cigarette anymore we will still carry the appropriate coils and accessories for you to keep using the device without any trouble. 

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