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Geekvape Super Mesh Coils - Cerberus Coils
These are Super Mesh Coils for the Geekvape Cerberus Tank, these come in a pack of 5 and are rated at 0.2ohm resistance.
$22.99 CAD
Uwell Caliburn X - Replacement Pods
Replacement pods for the Uwell Caliburn X Not compatible with previous Caliburn models. These pre-installed pods are disposable and won't take replacement coils. These refillable pods have a 3mL capacity and boast a leakproof design. They come in a pack...
$13.49 CAD
Aspire Flexus Q AF Mesh Coils (5-Pack)
$18.99 CAD $16.99 CAD
Aspire Flexus Q AF Mesh Coils (5-Pack)
Coils for the Aspire Flexus Q.
$18.99 CAD $16.99 CAD
Smok Nord 5 RPM3 Cartridges 5 ml (CRC) (3/pack)
Replacement cartridges for the Smok Nord 5 with a 5 ml capacity.
$10.99 CAD
Nfix Pro Replacement Pods - 3 Pack
Replacement cartridges for the Smok Nfix Pro with a 2 ml capacity, coils not included. See coils for the Nfix Pro replacement pods here;
$9.99 CAD
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Uwell Crown Pods - Pack of Two
A set of two replacement pods crafted for the Uwell Crown Pod System, featuring a pod based airflow control switch, dual parallel coil options for nicotine salts or freebase eJuice, and can be refilled via convenient top fill system, removing the mouthpiece to...
$16.99 CAD
Voopoo Drag Nano 2/Vinci Pods 2ml (3-pack)
Replacement pods for the Voopoo Drag Nano 2, Vinci and Vinci Q kit.
$15.99 CAD
Limitless Coils
$3.99 CAD $1.99 CAD
Limitless Coils
Here you can find replacement stock coils for the Limitless tank. IMC-3 Coils These are sold individually and are 0.15Ω  
$3.99 CAD $1.99 CAD
Uwell Caliburn A3 / AK3 - Replacement Pods
Replacement pods for the Uwell Caliburn A3 Not compatible with previous Caliburn models. These pre-installed pods are disposable and won't take replacement coils. These refillable pods have a 2mL capacity and boast a leakproof design. They come in a pack...
$18.49 CAD

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When the time comes and you need e-cigarette & vape replacement coils in Canada, shop at Vapor North —  the best online vape shop in Canada

You’ll find your favorite brands at the best prices online. Plus, you’ll enjoy world-class service that has you coming back each and every time you need fresh vape replacement coils.

We carry the most popular vaping manufacturers, such as Aspire, Uwell, Smok, Kanger, Innokin, and more. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions in regards to replacing your vape coils.

How Often Should I Replace My Vape Coil?

How often you should replace your vape coil depends on the specific brand and model you have, and how hard you make your coils work.

If you use low quality coils, you’ll need to replace them more often. That’s why we recommend sticking with the highest quality replacement coils, among other health reasons.

It also depends on how serious of a vaper you are. If you vape incredibly frequently, and your coils are working overtime, they’ll burn out faster. On the flip side, if you’re a casual vaper, coils will last much longer. Other factors affecting how long your coils will last include the temperature at which you vape and the type of e-liquid you use.

Is It Unhealthy To Vape A Burnt Coil?

If you’re balling on a budget, you are likely wondering just how unhealthy vaping a burnt coil can be. 

On top of being just flat out unenjoyable, often leading to choking or vomiting, vaping burnt coils can be dangerous.

Depending on the material used in your coils, burning them can produce particles that some users are allergic to. In some instances, these can be toxic to anyone.

When it comes to ingestion, there is no excuse to skimp on replacement e-cig and vape coils. Your health is of the utmost importance, so just replace them!

Grab Replacement Vape Coils When You Notice Change In Flavor & Vapor Reduction

The most telltale signs that your coils need replacing are a decrease in flavor quality and thickness.

If your hits start tasting burnt, this is coming from the burnt coil. And to regain that smooth, flavorful hit you want, you’ll need to grab some fresh coils.

You can also tell your coils are on their way out if you notice a decrease in the amount of vapor you get per puff. Thin, wispy vapor indicates that your coils end of life is near.

In General, Vape Coils Last Between 1-3 Weeks For Most Consumers

As a general rule of thumb based on our experience vaping, and polling the vaping community, we have found that the average vaper will need to replace their coils every 7-21 days. 

If you vape more frequently than average, you’ll be at the shorter end of this spectrum. The opposite is true for those who vape more moderately. Regardless of how long they last, here are some tips for replacing a coil vape.

Tips For Buying E-Cigarette & Vape Replacement Coils

When starting your search for replacement e-cigarette and vape coils, you need to have a good idea of what you’re looking for.

This will be largely dependent on the device you’re using, which consists of your mod and tank. You need to be sure the coils you are buying are compatible. The most common technologies you’ll find on the market today include kanthal coils, titanium coils, and the most popular - nickel coils. If you are unsure which is right for you, reach out and we’ll help you choose the right one. After all, we are the experts on e-cigarette & vape replacement coils in Canada!

You also need to consider the resistance you want in your coils. Again, you’ll want to make sure this matches up with the resistance ratings of your device. Keep in mind that higher resistance actually means lower temperature and smaller clouds, while lower resistance contributes to higher temps and bigger clouds.

To ensure the best vaping experience, just stick with the same brand coils as your device if possible. This will ensure compatibility.

Do I Need To Prime My Replacement E-cigarette & Vape Replacement Coils?

Many vapers claim that priming their replacement coils improves the flavor and vapor quality. Is there any truth to this?

The answer is yes, but there are even more benefits to priming than just enhanced flavor and vapor. Priming your new coils will extend the lifespan of them!

We recommend adding a few drops of e-liquid directly to the coils, allowing it to soak into the fresh wick. This will saturate the wick, and prevent you from getting a dry hit the first few pulls, even if you fill the tank completely.

Additional Tips On Making Your Replacement Vape Coils Last Longer

Replacing your vape coils is a pain, but it’s entirely necessary. However, we have a few tips to share with you to increase the lifespan of your fresh coils. This will not only save you money, it will cut back on the amount of maintenance you need to conduct on your vape.

Clean Your Coils

When your tank runs empty, and especially when replacing with a new flavor, you should clean your coils.

This sounds like a hassle, but its honestly as simple as running them under fresh water and rubbing away built up juice or burnt residue with a microfiber cloth.

Shake them off, and reinstall them into your atomizer. You can conduct a quick burnoff to dry the water out of them, and then re-prime the coils just as you did your first use.

The Type Of E-Liquid You Use Has A Direct Effect On Your Coils

As you can probably imagine, some forms of e-liquid are harder on your coils than others. While many people love fruity vape juice, it tends to be really acidic and can deteriorate your coils rapidly. Plus, these types of juices create substantial wear and tear on your atomizer and the rest of your device as well.

Furthermore, many consumers prefer High-PG e-liquid because of the dense clouds it produces. This is not without its problems, though.

This type of juice leaves behind far more residue than it’s high-VG counterpart, which is easier on the internals of your vape. 

This isn’t to say you need to cut out PG juices - you’ll just need to clean your coils more often, and understand you’ll need e-cigarette & vape replacement coils more frequently.

Need help selecting your coils? We carry the best selection of e-cigarette & vape replacement coils in Canada, and are ready to help you find the right pick for you!

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