New website!

Hey everyone, welcome to Vapor North's new website. We hope you'll be able to appreciate the changes, albeit most of the need for a new website was for more back-end resources, we definitely feel like navigating the website should feel easier and more intuitive. 

There is a bit of a drawback worth mentioning, in our shift from our older website to this newer website some of our newer customer accounts haven't been transferred over, some may find they need to re-register and we apologize for that, a bit of a growing pain.

Although we seem to have worked out most of the kinks, of course there could be an issue here or there, we appreciate all feedback and of course you can reach us at!

Feel free to sign up for our newsletter, it's easier than ever and will be used for any upcoming promotions or sales information that we think would be legitimately valuable to you, no spam from us! We will have some new hardware in stock shortly, as well as some new flavours to keep an eye out for!


Cheers everyone,

The Vapor North Team

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