Brand: Efest

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Product Description


  • 1 Efest 10.5A IMR18350 - 700mAh Battery


  • Manufacturer: Efest
  • Size: 18350
  • Model: Efest 18350 P10.5A
  • Type: Li-Mn (High Drain)
  • Rated Capacity: 700mAh
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
  • Peak Voltage: 4.2V
  • Cut-off Voltage: 3.0V
  • Dimensions: 18.21mmX35.02mm
  • Rechargeable: Yes
  • Protected: No
  • Chemistry: Lithium manganese Dioxide (Li-Mn02)
  • Style: Flat Top
  • Color: Purple
  • Rated Capacity: 700mAh
  • Maximum Continuous Discharging Current: 10.5A 
  • Maximum Charge Voltage: 4.2±0.05 V

Please Note:

  • Do not over-discharge or overcharge
  • Recharge empty batteries as soon as possible, leaving lithium ion batteries discharged for a while will incur irreversible damage
  • Do not dispose of in fire
  • Do not short circuit

We do not recommend unprotected batteries in devices that they're not recommended to be used in, use at your own risk.

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