Coils are the element of the electronic cigarette device which heat the e-juice into vapor. With typical use, coils should be replaced every two to four weeks. Coils come in a number of variations, most notably single coil and double coil. While the single coil does not produce as much vapor, they do consume less e cig juice. Double coil setups create thicker clouds of vapor and therefore they consume more e juice per hit as well as lead to quicker battery depletion. Each of these could be top or bottom construction, although bottom is becoming the more popular choice because they often result in fewer dry hits since the e liquid collects in the bottom.

Additionally, coils are rated by their ohms. Lower ohms produce bigger hits and more vapor, but they also reduce battery life faster. Higher ohm coils create a cooler vape and prolong battery life, but really the choice comes down to personal preference and the type of clearomizer or atomizer your e cig uses. When buying replacement coils, be sure to make sure they are compatible with your existing products. Vapor North only carries products that we have used in the past or are currently using which means you’re getting high quality e cigarette products we know you’ll love! Shop our collection of coils below; and when you order more than $100.00 in electronic cigarette products, we will ship them to you for FREE! 

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