Mechanical mods are e cigs that are different from other electronic cigarette products in that they do not have the advanced circuitry or microprocessors of other e cigarette devices. Instead, mechanical mods rely on a button or switch to make a physical connection to provide power to the heating coil. One of the main attractions to mechanical mods is their use of removable batteries. By allowing for the use of a removable battery, e cig users can swap out batteries instead of having to charge the whole unit as one piece. This means you can always be ready to use your e cigarette because you can charge a spare battery while still using the device. Additionally, because mechanical mods do not have built in circuit regulators like a variable voltage / wattage device, you are in complete control of the size of your inhale! However, this also means that mechanical mods are most likely smokeless cigarette products only for advanced users. If you’re new to the e cig community, you might feel more comfortable with one of Vapor North’s starter kits. Here at Vapor North, we only sell products that we’ve either used ourselves in the past or are currently using now. That means when you buy e cigarette products from Vapor North, you’re getting the high quality products we know you’ll love. Shop our selection of mechanical mods below; and when you order more than $100.00 in electronic cigarette products, we will ship them to you for FREE! If you want to be completely in charge of your e cig experience, Vapor North is here with the mechanical mod products you want.

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