Clearomizer tanks are great because of their ability to hold more juice than the traditional atomizers. The top of the tank includes a drip tip, and nowadays these are often adjustable to control the amount of vapor being produced with each inhale. Clearomizer tanks use a wick to bring e liquid to the coil. Also, they are great for beginners because there is no rebuilding necessary, so even if you’re new to the e cig mod scene, you can use a clearomizer tank! You simply unscrew the cap, fill the tank, replace the cap, and let the wick become saturated before inhaling. And, when it becomes time to replace the coil, the only thing you have to do is unscrew it and attach a new one.

Clearomizer tanks are made of either plastic or glass tanks, each having their own advantages, so the choice depends on your preference of e juice. The latest trend in clearomizers is the use of a bottom coil because it lessens the chance of a dry hit since the coil is submersed in the e juice. Because Vapor North only sells products that we’ve either used ourselves in the past or are currently using now, you’re purchasing the top of the line e cig products that we know you’ll love. Shop our wide selection of clearomizer tanks below; and when you order more than $100.00 in electronic cigarette products, we will ship them to you for FREE!

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